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Welcome to the Website of the Glasgow South Diabetes Scotland Group

What do we do?
The group provides a chance for people with diabetes and their families/carers to get together for support and information about diabetes care and treatment. It is run by a small group of volunteers who plan the meetings and arrange for speakers to talk on subjects usually related to diabetes. As part of a national charity 'Diabetes UK' we can provide their information leaflets on a range of topics as well as information about their many services.

Where do we meet?
From September 2016 our meetings will be held in the Croftfoot United Free Church of Scotland Hall, 349 Carmunnock Road, Glasgow G44 5HH.
Click here for directions and a map.

What happens at the meetings?
It is very informal. We have a speaker on a topic of interest to those with diabetes. There is usually a lively discussion and a chance for people to ask questions. After the speaker we have tea/coffee and a plain biscuit. We have in the region of 20-30 people at each meeting, although this varies for different reasons. You don't require to book a place - just turn up whenever it suits you - you will be made very welcome. A full programme of our meetings for the year is available by clicking on the programme link.

How often are the meetings?
We meet on the third Wednesday of the month from 7.30pm till 9.00pm from September to November and January to May. For details of the next meeting or our programme click on the programme link or contact us.

Is there a cost to attend?
NO - anyone with an interest in diabetes is welcome. Our group is made up of people with diabetes and those with an interest in learning more about diabetes. We aim to be a self-supporting group. There are Diabetes UK membership forms available if you want to join. We also try to have back numbers of 'Balance' magazine which is always full of useful information and articles.

Our recent meetings

September 2017

Monica talking to group

Monica Houston, a podiatrist, gave us a very well received talk about what is involved in our annual foot check and how important it is for those of us with diabetes to attend these checks. She then went on to illustate the various problems that can develop with our feet because of diabetes and finished off with advice on how best to avoid these problems.

May 2017

We held our AGM during which a new group committee was elected.

April 2017

Linda McGlynn, from the Diabetes Scotland Office, brought along a game which helps one estimate the amouns of sugar and fat in a large number of common foodstuffs. As group members played the game we learnt to better recognise more healthy food options.
A useful, lightheartd evening.

March 2017

Tony Doherty, a diabetes specialist nurse based in the south of Glasgow came along to talk about the various blood test carried out on diabetes patients.
Early on in his talk Tony found that he was being asked so many questions by those present that he developed his talk around those. Such was the demand for information from group members that the meeting went on much later than normal. Everyone present left having learnt something new about managing their diabetes.

February 2017

Janice Scrimger, one of our committee members produced a 'diabetes' quiz which she sucessfully used to generate discussion within the members present. So we had an evening of tea/coffee, biscuits and learnig a bit about diabtes.

January 2017

Gillian Currie of the Scottish charity, Chest Heart and Stroke, described the work of that organisation and its relavance to those of us with diabetes. She then went on to describe the symptoms of stroke and the importance getting treatment as soon as possible. Gillian finished her talk by describing the kinds of lifestyle changes needed to minimise the risk of heart disease and stroke and how these are the same as those needed for good diabetes control.
Gillian then chatted to members of the group. Her talk was much appreciated by everyone present.

November 2016

Russell MacMillan, who had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at an early age, described in detail his early life living with diabetes. He told us about the complications which he developed, including his loss of sight, and how these so adversly affected his life. Ten years ago he had a pancreas transplant and this has transformed his life. While he is still a egistered blind person he had sufficient sight to read his talk from his notes.
Russell's story was an inspiration to all of us living with diabetes.

October 2016

May Lavelle, a diabetes specialist nurse, gave us a very informative talk on the importance of looking after our feet. She used a range of models to demonstrate the damage diabetes can cause to feet and lower limbs and gave us a lot of advice on what to do to avoid such damage.

September 2016

Mrs J. Rakhra introduced those present to a range relaxation and exercise techniques which can be performed by anyone even while sitting.
Mrs Rakhra is an experienced Yoga teacher and I'm sure everone present felt better at the end of the session.

May 2016

We held our AGM during which a new group committee was elected.

April 2016

Joe Beaver, a member of the group committee, gave us an update on how his health has dramatically improved since he was fitted with a gastric band.
Many of Joe's health problems including his type 2 diabetes have improved and his quality of life has greatly improved.

Latest news and events.

Our new 2017 -18 programme started on September Wednesday 20th.
Meetings are held in the Croftfoot United Free Church of Scotland Hall, 349 Carmunnock Road, Glasgow, G44 5HH. Entrance to the hall is from Croftpark Ave. Meetings start at 7:15pm.
The latest details of our programme are available on the programme page.


The goup committee and members would like to thank SCOTMID for its generous donation of £350 to enable us to purchase a data projector and other equipment. This will make it easier for our speakers to show visual presentations at our meetings.

Catherine Henderson, our group chair, was nominated for a Diabetes UK, Inspire award for all the work she has done for our group.

Erskine Stall

Members of our group at a diabetes stall in Erskine Home in Bishopton. The home provides care for veterans and their spouses.

Diabetes Scotland has a new careline number.

Call or email the Diabetes Scotland Careline with any of your questions, concerns or feelings about living with diabetes.

Tel: 0141 212 8710 or email

9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday.

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